Amelia Earle

Earle, Amelia Anne
April 3, 1925 – September 6, 2017

Amelia passed away on September 6, 2017 at the age of 92 at Hope Hospice in Fort Myers, Florida. She was being cared for by her daughters Debbie and Julie and her granddaughter Amie. Amelia was born on April 3, 1925 to Giulia and Camillo Giampaolo of Thorold, Ontario. She met the love of her life, James (Gordon) Earle, at English Electric in St. Catharines where she worked as a secretary. After their eldest son (Chris) was born in 1951 they moved to Tonawanda, New York, where Gordon worked as an electrical engineer. They began raising their family of 2 daughters and 4 sons until Gordon's death on August 1, 1959. Shortly afterwards, Amelia moved her family back to Thorold where she had the loving support of her parents, bothers and sisters.

Amelia loved to travel and spend time with her children and grandchildren in Virginia Beach, Palm Coast, Fort Myers, Baltimore and Edmonton. In addition to an unwavering love of her children, Amelia loved her animals. She only kept dogs in the house but fed any stray animal that came to her door – something she inherited from her mother. Amelia will be sadly missed and be forever remembered by her family; daughters Deborah “Debbie” Earle and husband Patrick Reilly, Julie Vaughan and her husband Tory, sons John Christopher “Chris” and wife Kimberly (nee-Persia), Michael, Gregory, and Gerard and his wife Kathy (nee-Brady); grandchildren Tory Vaughan IV (Zsofia nee-Mac), Amie Vaughan, Bryne Earle, Jamie Earle, Jimmy Earle (Kristin), Kathy Dehtiar (Tal), Kristen Earle, Ashley Earle-Materi (Shawn), Stepheny Earle-Cuthbert (Luke), Ally Earle, and Stephen Earle and her great grandchildren Owen, Jobe, Levi, Knox, Makala, and Lucy Amelia.

Amelia has most certainly been swept up into heaven to be eternally reunited with her beloved husband Gordon, grandparents Giuseppe and Giovina Giampaolo, parents Camillo and Giulia Giampaolo, sisters Amelia (passed in 1924), Mary Smith (nee-Grampola) and brothers Joseph Grampola and John Grampola. She is survived by her sister Anne Charlton (nee-Grampola).Friends and family will be received at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church, 21 Queen Street South, Thorold, on Saturday, September 23 between 11:10a.m. and 11:50a.m. Please join us for the reciting of the Holy Rosary at 11:20a.m.. Funeral Mass to follow at 12:00p.m.. Cremation to follow the service. A luncheon will be served at Club Belvedere, in Thorold immediately after the Mass. Interment will take place at Lakeview Cemetery on Tuesday, September 26th.  In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Lincoln County Humane Society. The family wishes to extend our sincerest gratitude to Auntie Anne, her loving family, the Robert Smith Family and Jackie O'Brien, all of whom were there for our family when we needed them most. On-line condolences may be made at


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What can one say about a mother that sacrificed her youth to raise 6 young and rambunctious children (ages 6 months to 8 years) on her own. Our dear mother Amelia did so with strength of purpose, the help of a loving family and an unwavering faith in our Lord. Through some very difficult times she managed to feed, cloth, educate and instill in us a sense of belonging and purpose in life and a true faith in God. The accompanying pictures depict a beautiful Mom at key moments in her life; from a child with her parents (Camillo and Giulia), the youthful Amelia, marriage to our father Gordon, as a parent with husband and first born (Chris), mature mother of teenage children, grandmother Amelia and in her last days at the Fort Myers hospital with Debbie's Dexter (aka Therapy Dog).

Mom felt very strongly in the Word of God and lived a life of devotion to Him and the Holy Church. She practiced Christ's preaching; in treating all men and women with unquestionable respect and dignity.

Mom had her funny moments – sometimes boarding on the ridiculous. She was always telling us about this special gift she had that she called a photogenic memory. We'd say “Don't you mean photographic memory?” She'd never hear you! What she was describing was the recollection of past memories of people or animals that were either hurt or feeling poorly. She was a deeply sympathetic person that would go out of her way to help anyone in need.

Amelia's family was everything to her. She enjoyed travelling with her daughters and visiting the homes of her children. Our Mother Amelia didn't ask much out of life other than to raise her family to get to heaven and that they always remain close. We take her lifelong wishes seriously. Our love for her is immeasurable and born out of respect for her devotion to us.