Bank Accounts

In Ontario, bank accounts are rarley frozen anymore. A bank account with a single person named on the account is typically transfered to an Estate Account, in the deceased's name and the name of the executor.  This allows for outstanding debts to be paid and deposits to be made, without disrupting the estate settlement process.  If an invoice or outstanding debt has to be paid, the executor will be able to take that invoice directly to the bank, and the bank will issue payment directly to the person or company to which the debt is owed.  This setup does not allow the executor to make withdrawls from the bank without proof of the debt, thus protecting the estate until all of the deatils are finalized.   To set up an estate account, contact your bank manager and provide a Proof Of Death Certificate (provided by the funeral home), and usually a copy of the will.  With joint accounts, the surviving person named on the account now has the sole access to the account.  It would still be wise to advise the bank of the death, and provide them with a Prood of Death Certificate, but otherwise, it is business as usual.