Death Certificates

There are two different documents that are typically referred to as a Death Certificate in Ontario.  A certified "Proof of Death Certificate" or a "Funeral Director's Statement of Death" is the document that is used for the purposes of settling an estate in Ontario.  These documents are sufficient for Life INsurance Companies, Banks, and goverment agencies, although sometimes a copy of the will is requested in conjunction with this document.   You will usually recieve anywhere from 2 - 10 copies of this document from the Funeral Home, and can request more if you think it is required.  Also, you may require a Proof of Death certificate from someone who died some time ago.  Contact the funeral home who cared for your loved one and they will be able to provide this information to the person who was responsible for your loved one's estate.

Sometimes you may hear the medical professionals involved discussing a death certificate.  What they are referring to is a Medical Certificate of Death.  This is a protected document and is only accessible by the medical professionals involved and the province of Ontario.  You will not recieve a copy of this document unless you specifically request it through Service Ontario.   This process can take up to twelve weeks, and is why the province of Ontario allows Funeral Directors to provide Proof of Death Certificates for the purpose of settling estates.